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Member log on trouble

Post by chuxdad »

Whats the deal here? Why does it consistently show me as a guest? I have been a supporting member for 3 years. Im not a RABID poster and only post when i have questions or can help in any way. My membership # is 14006-Steven Fowler.
Everytime I log in it says welcome guest. What is a BBS account? I have changed usernames in the past. I honestly could not remember the username or password so I made up a new one. I have my new ASA card and I always pay my dues. I just would like some answers so I know if im doing something wrong. Obviously i'm able to log in because your reading this message. Let me known about this and the BBS account so I can have some personal validation that I am a supporting member.

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It was nice talking to you Steven on the phone, sure glad we could get your accounts merged. :P ... hp?t=14290

Thanks again for supporting the ASA as a Supporting Member. 8)
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