ASA Logo next to names / merging accounts

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ASA Logo next to names / merging accounts

Post by jhitesma »

We have created a page that allows ASA members to merge their BBS and Membership accounts.

This will enable ASA members to use their BB login name and password to access their membership accounts. It also lets us display a small “ASA Member” logo next to member’s posts.

To merge your accounts, go here… ... ounts.html

Input your BBS username and password and your Membership username and password, and wala, your accounts are merged.

One thing we’ll need to remember is that the accounts will still be managed separately. For example, if you change your email address on your BB account you still need to change it on your membership account.

For more information and discussion about this feature please see the following BBS Thread

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Post by LoBuck »

This function is not working since the new ASA main website was launched. There is a work-around to get the asa logo below your username though.

Please email the following info to me for confirmation:

1. Username on main ASA site and on BBS.

2. Your Real Full Name.

3. Your current email address. Please confirm that it matches the email in your BBS Profile.

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