Posting a 'For Sale' Ad

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Posting a 'For Sale' Ad

Post by Woodglue »

If you have a vehicle to sell, following are some instructions for posting an ad:

To follow these, you must be logged in as a User of this bbs.

Be sure to chose the correct forum to post your ad, as this is where potential buyers will be looking for your ad.

Once in that Forum, click on the "new topic" button. This will open a window where you enter the information you would like in your ad. Start of with a Subject. Something like, "2004 Funco Gen 4 Big 5 - $42,000.00 OBO". Then enter the text of your ad in the 'Message Body' portion of this window. Be sure to include your price, and any special terms that you might have. Overall length & width dimensions are a plus as well, as the buyer will be transporting your vehicle in or on a trailer.

We encourage you to include photos of your vehicle as this can help the sale, and avoid a lot of questions. This is accomplished in the section of the same 'new topic' window titled "UPLOAD ATTACHMENT". This is below the Message Body portion of the page.
First, you click on the "Browse..." button and locate the photo on your computer system. Take note that our Bulletin Board will only accept *.jpg formatted images. After you have selected the image that you want to upload, click the "Open" button in the Browse-Window. This will take you back to the New-Topic Window, where you now need to click the "Add The File" button in the "Upload Attachment" portion of the New-Topic Window. To complete this process, place your cursor in the Message Body at the location where you would like your photo to be posted within the article. Then, click on the "Place Inline" button which is just below the Message Body.

Now, select "Preview" at the bottom of the page and review your post at the top of the window that opens up. If you would like to make any revisions, they must be incorporated in the lower portions of this window, under "Post a new Topic". If your Ad meets your liking, click on "Submit" at the bottom of the page. You've now posted your Ad on the ASA's BBS.

Once your vehicle sells, it is not necessary to delete your post. Just return back to your original post and click on the 'edit' button. You can then revise the subject line to read "2004 Funco Gen 4 Big 5 - SOLD!"

If you have any questions throughout this process, feel free to PM or e-mail myself, LoBuck or BHenry.

Happy posting, and good luck with your sale!


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