Golf Cart Won't Stop Running

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Golf Cart Won't Stop Running

Post by mgmdesign »

Anybody have a solution to my EZGO most of the time when I take my foot off the gas, the engine or starter keeps running. Some times for a few seconds. Sometimes for a few minutes. The only way to get it to stop if I don't just let it sit indefinitely is to pull the power cable off the battery. The other thing that is not as annoying but maybe related is when I am ready to roll again (and the engine isn't running) I often have to lock the break down and then hit the gas pedal again to release it before it will start back up.

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r erfert
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Re: Golf Cart Won't Stop Running

Post by r erfert »

Not that I know anything at all about golf carts :roll:
Sounds like something in the system is feeding power to the coil (keeping it running on)

Might check for a bare wire touching another or hot exhaust (making it's own circuit)
relay sticking?


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