Hobart TigMate good or bad?

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Hobart TigMate good or bad?

Post by JSGrewal »

Is this a good all around welder that can do aluminum too?

http://www.migweld.com/index.asp?PageAc ... D&ProdID=4


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Post by buickbuggy »

In my personal opinion, lincoln and miller are the only brands to buy. they usually cost more but, they are worth it. yes this machine can weld aluminum in the TIG mode. If you are new to welding, TIG welding requires a very high skill level, at least to do it right. MIG welding is probably the easiest but it is done on steel.

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Post by NOSJunkie »

If you are looking for a cheap way to weld that one will work. I belive you could get a quality welder for a few hundred more. A good welder will be inherited by your grandkids.. Not thrown away for lack of replacement parts..
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Post by rpickens »

Hobart is made by Miller. Infact I know someone that took a tour of the plant and they had Hobarts on one side of the assembly line and Miller on the other. The Miller comes with more bells and whisles. Its like Cadilac to chevy.
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Post by Virginsand »

Here is another nice one.

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Item #MLR907054
TIG / Stick Welding Power Source

A complete industrial grade single-phase, squarewave output, AC / DC TIG / Stick machine! The Syncrowave 180 SD is a full-featured machine that brings you capabilities which were previously available only with heavy-duty industrial TIG equipment.
Price: $1,592.29 Each



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