Republicans take the house,so what....

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Republicans take the house,so what....

Post by HSSC »

OK, the story goes, the republicans take the house. So now what. Well, this is how it will go.

The only thing they will be able to do is be the party of NO.

The democrats will call them the party of no and with any luck the Republicans will be just that, the party of NO.

With close to hafe this country now standing around waiting for their hand out, how long will it take for the people to wake up and realize that they will have to WORK for their keep under the Republicans.

This will be a short term gain for the Republicans, and it will not take to long for the leaches to regain their rightful place in this system of government.

Go Jerry, Go Jerry, Go Jerry.....................So goes The United States of America.................. :roll: :roll: :roll: ... :(
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