How do I really feel about the ISDRA fee increase?

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How do I really feel about the ISDRA fee increase?

Post by Booga-dune-poon »

copy of my comment emailed to BLM:

Dear BLM,

What a year 2012 has turned into. First the California OHV / Parks budget scandal. Then the new side x side law that has turned off the entry level segment of the off road sport. Now I'm notified by the ASA that some fast track fee increase is about to be implemented by the BLM.

A 60% fee increase? Really?

What justifies such a massive rate hike?

What new and improved services do we get in return?

Do we get a bridge to Boardmanville?

Will you start grooming the dunes to smooth out the whoops and ruts like the ski resorts?

Full hook up RV sites?

The BLM risks killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Or, is that your intent?

Just a point to consider, the environmentalists don't pay use fees. They don't go out there.

If we go down this path, there will be fewer BLM Rangers in the long run because visitation will plummet.

From a concerned OHV owner, regular ISDRA visitor and taxpayer.

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Re: How do I really feel about the ISDRA fee increase?

Post by Sandcock »

I think the BLM needs to explain their position in regards to the fee increase, especially the annual fee going from $90 to $180. The blanket statement that costs have gone up is not good enough. There is a statement about a need to "modify the program" on the BLM site. As we are all aware the BLM contracted out to have the fees collected by a contractor. The visitation is down, so there is a decrease in revenue. I don't know how the contract was written, but if it was written in way where the contractor gets X% of the revenue that could be a real problem. That is, the contractor is in business to make money and therefore in the government contract world the contractor may be asking for an equitable adjustment, e.g. a modifcation to the contract. I'm not sure if I'm right, but it is incumbent that the BLM clarify with detail as to why they are increasing the annual fee by 100%. The overview or blanket statement is unacceptable in my opinion. Maybe one of the ASA members with better insight on the increase may provide a better explanation as well. In this economy fees should not be going up. Another thing I might mention is that federal government wages/salaries have been frozen for the past two years and it looks like it will be extended to three years, so there is no need to use wages/salaries as a contributing exuce for raising the fee. Show your hand BLM =D>
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Re: How do I really feel about the ISDRA fee increase?

Post by crash »

The reasons for this should be obvious.

The government does not want us there. They never have. Since we insist upon having some fun, they come up with ways to tax us without officially taxing us, because THAT would be illegal. Now, just like with other revenue sources, they have become addicted to the flow of income and double the fee because they think they can.

To me this is just another symptom of a greater issue with our society and government. I said this when I left this community many year ago...we have much bigger problems than being allowed to recreate upon OUR lands freely.

I love the sand, but I refuse to pay illegal fees to go use MY public lands.


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