What's Up ASA?

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What's Up ASA?

Post by Sand_Dude4X105 »

Hey all!
Does anyone still remember "Obsessed" yea I think he still has over 4000 posts here at the ASA BB...
What ever happened to him anyway? I mean besides he got old... here I am = Obsessed... wait what?

Wait a minute... THIS IS A TEST ...
Does anyone come here anymore?
Oh yes, I am Obsessed, yup... not dead, but some ASA soft wear glitz I couldn't post as Obsessed because it was tied to an old computer...
or something like that...

Anyway, I am Not on FaceBook, no really...

But I am on IG
Sand__Dude at IG

Hey who's the mod here... when was the last thread started here? Year ago?
How is Mr Henry doing?

Later Steve aka OBSESSED aka Sand__Dude at IG aka Sand_Dude4X105


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