Report on Trail Management Rule in Ariz. from Cinderhills RR

Meetings that will help inform you, create an OHV presence, and possibly give you an opportunity to voice your opinion.

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Jerry Seaver
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ASA Co-Founder • Past President
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Report on Trail Management Rule in Ariz. from Cinderhills RR

Post by Jerry Seaver »

HI Everyone,
On Oct.14, Larry& I went to the Forest Service Meeting for the TRAIL MANAGEMENT RULE(T M R.) It all seemed very reasonable to us. But understand that Larry&I do not do much trail riding or hunting or collecting fire wood, we play mostly at the Cinder Hills. Then yesterday we got a letter and contribution form from a group call "FOREST GUARDIANS," and realized that this whole TMR is being pushed by EXTREME ANTI-ACCESS GROUPS. Please go to there web site @ and check them out. I'm sure lots of you have heard of them. If you like Trail Riding around Lake Mary with your quad or you taking pickup to fish or camp or even pick up fire wood. Or do you like Trail Riding around Munds Park, Schnebly Hill, Mormon Lake,Kachina area or Trail Rider on the Peaks. Their main target is all the Southwestern States. How about all you HUNTERS out there and all you folks that like to go and camp or just PICNIC, PLEASE, Check out the TMR MEETINGS and put in your comments, because IF YOU DON'T you are leaving it up to the EXTREME ANTI-ACCESS GROUPS to have all the say about who& what recreation is allow in our Forest, which I'm sure you all know that their main agenda is to completely CLOSE ALL ACCESS. If you notice at this web site all their panties are in an uproar because in May 05 the Bush administration repealed Clinton's Roadless Amendment, so this is another way for them to get their way and close all access to the Forest and close all riding trails 1 at a time. Also, go to and follow the links from the pop up that reads "NEW TO COCONINO WEB." The Forest Service Folks here in Coconino County are strongly encouraging OHV Users and anyone else who uses the Forest to get involved, go to meeting and comment Please, FORWARD, COPY & HAND OUT this info. If you are not from Northern Arizona, then get in touch with the Forest Service any where you live because this will affect everyone. There is a meeting Saturday Nov.4 @ Coconino High School here in Flagstaff 1:00-5:00. If you really want to help, make a donation to BLUE RIBBON Coalition 1-800-BLUERIB or @ 4555 Burley Dr. Suite A, Pocatello,ID,83202. They are really fighting hard politically and Legally to keep our Forest open to the public.

Jerry Seaver
ASA Co-Founder • Past President
ASA Co-Founder • Past President
Posts: 962
Joined: Wed Nov 08, 2000 4:48 pm
Please enter the middle number: 5
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Post by Jerry Seaver »

This was sent out by the Forest Service in response to the Lymans E-Mail.

Thanks for your interest in the Travel Management Rule (TMR) implementation
process. This note is to clarify some questions that may have been raised
by the Lyman's note below and to invite you to participate in the TMR
process. First please realize that the TMR was initiated by the Chief of
the Forest Service on Nov. 9, 2005 and is consistent with Executive Orders
11644 and 11989 by Presidents Nixon and Carter respectively. These Orders
direct Federal agencies " ensure that the use of off-road vehicles on
public lands will be controlled and directed so as to protect the resources
of those lands, to promote the safety of all users of those lands, and to
minimize conflicts among the various users....". In the years since the
Orders where published, as you know, we have seen an exponential rise in
off-road/off-highway use on public lands that have led to initiation of the
TMR nation wide. Federal public land agencies, including the Forest
Service and Bureau of Land Management, have been tasked with striking an
"appropriate balance" in managing all types of recreational activities,
including motorized use. To that end, we are to designate a system of
roads, trails, and areas, to accommodate motorized access (a legitimate use
of public lands) while protecting resources and minimizing conflict between
recreational users. In addition we must design a route system that we can
afford to maintain in the long term. Upon completion of the designation
process and publication of the Motorized Vehicle Use Map (MVUM), the Forest
will be closed to motorized travel off of designated routes; with
exceptions for emergency, administrative, and "permitted" use, and possibly
for such uses as "gathering Forest products" (such as firewood), and big
game retrieval.

We realize that there are many perspectives on where and to what extent
motorized access should be allowed on public land. We have designed a
series of meetings for you to express your opinions on this issue and will
also accept mail and e-mail ( in addition
to what we hear at the meetings. It is important for all interested in
public land access, no matter what your perspective, to tell us what you
think. Specific information on where you would like to see more or less
motorized access, and why, will be most helpful as we design our designated
route system. Our meeting schedule is posted on our web site. Our next
meeting will be in Flagstaff, November 4, 1:00 - 5:00 PM, at Coconino High
School. We hope to see you there.

Jim Beard
TMR Project Leader
Coconino NF


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