Thanksgiving at Coral Pink?

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Thanksgiving at Coral Pink?

Post by Crowdog »

What is the weather like at Coral Pink in November?

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Re: Thanksgiving at Coral Pink?

Post by OBSESSED »

Crowdog wrote:What is the weather like at Coral Pink in November?

Good question Jon, I found lots of info, but the tell tale one is water is shut off on Nove. First...

This weeks high 60
low 33 degrees

Coral Pink Sand Dunes
Established as a Park in 1963, the Coral Pink Sand Dunes offers an alternative to the National Parks and Monuments of the area. The turn-off to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is only three miles from Mt. Carmel Jct. (The Jct. of Scenic Byway 9 & 89) and then 8 more miles to the gate. The road continues past the Sand Dunes, although it becomes a graded dirt road, through the Arizona cane beds.
The Coral Pink Colored Sand is from eroded Sandstone
The park is a 3,730 acre recreation area with over 2,000 acres of sand to play in. Sitting at an elevation of 6,000 feet the park enjoys mild winters and warm summers. The Coral Pink dunes have laid down several hundred feet of sand along the 200 mile long Sevier Fault. A "notch" between the Moquith and Moccasin mountains directs the windblown sand (the venturi effect) to this corner of Southern Utah. The reddish colored sand is supplied courtesy of ancient Navajo Sandstone that is carried from the Virgin River to the bottom of the Cane beds and the eroding Navajo Sandstone around the park. The Coral Pink Sand Dunes turn off is just three miles from the Junction of Scenic Byway 9 & 89 at Mount Carmel Junction . The paved road to the park entrance is another 8 miles past the turn off. The Sand Dunes can also be accessed from a road midway between Mount Carmel Junction and Kanab, Utah.

The park has a pleasant, well-maintained campground in a wooded area. 22 sites; modern restrooms w/showers; disposal station; 6,000 ft..; open year round (though the water is shut off from November to May); reservations; 800-322-3770; $12. Ice and firewood is available

Elevation: 6000' Park Features: Hiking Trails
Off-Road Driving
Facilities: Picnic Area(s)
Modern Restrooms
Season: Open year round Admission Fee: $5 Address: PO Box 95
Kanab , UT 84741 Gen. Info: 435-648-2800 Camping: 800-322-3770

Visitors will wonder at the shifting arcs of crescent-shaped dunes and sift the fine, salmon-colored grains at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. The Park encompasses 3,730 acres of southern Utah's color country. The park itself is breathtaking, with coral-colored dunes, surrounded by red sandstone cliffs, blue skies, and deep emerald forests. This is a photographer's paradise.
The sweeping expanse of dunes is a massive playground for hiking, off-highway vehicle riding, or just playing in the sand. Off-road enthusiasts will find 1,000 acres of play area, and hundreds of miles of trails in the nearby vicinity.
Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is a wonderful respite for those touring the Grand Circle or heading to southern Utah for a vacation. While the park is central to many other recreation areas, the park itself is an incredible destination.
Park facilities include a 22-unit campground, modern restrooms, hot showers, sewage disposal station, a boardwalk, overlook trails, and a nature trail. The park is 12 miles of U.S. Hwy 89 near Kanab.
Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park Information
 Acres - 3730
 Elevation - 6000 ft
 Park Open - Year round
 Reservations Accepted - Year round
 Stay Limit - 14 Days
 Total Units - 22
 RV Trailer Sites - 22
 Maximum RV Length - 32
 Tent Sites - 22
 Camping Fee - $14
 Group Camping  Day-use Fee - $5
 Picnicking
 Group Pavilion
 Drinking Water
 Modern Rest Rooms
 Showers
 Waste Disposal
 Hiking
 Off-highway Vehicles
 Watchable Wildlife


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Post by RichB »

It going be anywhere from mild (considering the lattitude & elevation) during the day to bitterly cold. The problem is that because of the elevation you can get wild weather with little or no forecasting. We were snowed on 2 summers ago the weekend before or after memorial wknd. That wasn't a fluke either, the old timers I work with that are from and ride that area as well have told me a lot of stories along the same lines.

You don't have to camp in the campground there either, you can go down the road a few miles and camp on the BLM side for free. Some people call that area the corral and others call it the meadows.

Coral pink is a beautiful and neat place but IMO the ideal weather window is very small (too hot middle summer and freezing spring, fall, and winter).


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Some of my favorates, :D




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